Last year I set one goal for myself to over come wedding photography. Instead of scheduling weddings mainly for myself, I decided to be a 2nd shooter for a few friends I know, trust, and admire.  This was a wonderful journey, and helped me understand all aspects of wedding photography. Since I was only a 2nd shooter I was unable to post any pictures that I captured online as the clients needed see them first from their photographer. For 2011 I photographed over all 11 weddings, 2 of them I did on my own, but being that I was still learning, and not advertising that I shoot weddings I posted only a few images of a few weddings online and nothing else. Finally feel confident and happy to say I am ready to share some of my work.

Thank you to the best mentore and friends a person could have. Thank you for having faith, confidence and helping grow. I know have a very big appreciation for those who are wedding photographers & very happy to say I am part of the large group. Over the course of the year I have met some amazing people and have been blessed to photograph some beautiful couples. Have made amazing new friends not only in Oklahoma but in Dallas area as well. Each time I go to Dallas I have photographed a different wedding and learned new experiences.  Looking forward to help capturing more memories for all the wonderful couples in 2012 as well. Here is a few of my favorite images from last year.  My new goal for 2012 is to blog more, and to schedule more weddings!

Favorite wedding images of 2011


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