I am obsessed…

One of my favorite action makers put out a new set of actions and templates the other day. After playing with them and watching how to do them correctly, I started making countless facebook timelines for anybody who I could think of. It seems I am a bit obsessed! Even went to bed thinking of what type of pictures of my own children I could make lol. Heres a few I made…. so far lol







WOW this Sunday I will be 35 years old! How did time fly so fast? Seems only yesterday I was getting married and starting a family. Now I am a mom of 4 that range from 16 to 6 and a wife to a wonderful man for 13 years.  It also dawns on me I am 5 years from the big 40!! Not that I have a problem with aging but its hard to even think of myself at that age. I don’t feel old…

Well… when I turned 30 it seemed the changes started. When a car would drive by with the bass of their music so loud that I felt it in my chest, I would get a little peeved. Course the thought of owning a mini van really wasn’t a bad thought as I was already hauling everybody and their dog from one activity to another. But when I think of 35 I think omg I am 5 years away from what???  I had my panic attack at 25 when I feared 30 but now that I am at that same point in life again its not really all that bad.

So in honor of another mild stone I am having a birthday mini photo special! It is from April 25th to May 5th, 30 minute session and there are three A M A Z I N G  packages to choose from!  Contact me to schedule your session.